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Life, Times, and Nonsensical Blathering

That's right. I used the word 'blathering'.

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14 July 1984
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So who is Sakanagai? That is the ultimate question plaguing the mind of nearly one person. But for the rest of you, here is a short blurb that may help in answering the question at hand.
Sakanagai is reported to be a person, though reports are uncertain. Regardless, he doesn't do too much these days. His main hobbies include frisbee, video games, music (metal, techno, some Japanese and Russian pop), anime, genocide, and various Steve Jackson games (and similar). But don't take my word. Listen to the testimony of some people who I have made up for just this purpose:
"I met Sakanagai once back in 1963. I think he was going by the name Tony back then. He was very unusual and kept talking about sending armies of lawn gnomes to invade Mars."
"Sakanagai is a beacon of hope to all non-English speaking immigrants hoping to make a new life for themselves as native-born citizens. His attention to detail has earned him the title of Patient in our hospital."
"Who? Get lost you freak!"
We may never know the real answer, but we will never abandon hope. We've tried and the sucker keeps coming back.

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