sakanagai (sakanagai) wrote,

Seventeenth time's the charm

Another week, another series of posts eaten by LJ. The hunt for an alternative blogging site is back on. I am open to suggestion. I'll see if I can pull from memory.

Labor Day weekend featured my first legitimate guest to my condo. Sure it was a parent, but I'm counting it. Most of the day was spent shopping, with housewarming gifts covering most of the essentials that were lacking prior to the weekend. The haul included new dishes, pots and pans, a toaster, can opener, and waffle maker, a sealable Pyrex set, some mats, a few bathroom accessories, some solar lights, and silverware, not counting things I have forgotten since then (like cutting boards, measuring cups, etc). I even found a patio furniture set that was just small enough to fit in Matt's car. Aside from mistaking a seatbelt for a handbrake (and Olive Garden being Olive Garden), it was a pretty good weekend. I got to show my mother some of downtown Bloomington with breakfast at the Village Deli. No Hartzell's dessert, but there should be future opportunities for that. It was nice having people over. All I need is a dining room table (the lady friend may be able to provide one while I scout); two stools at the counter limits my guest options.

More on the way (hopefully). Didn't want one post to span too long of a stretch.

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