sakanagai (sakanagai) wrote,

These disappearing posts are starting to get annoying

A post from earlier this week went missing. I'll dig around for it and put it up. In the meantime, here's a completely new post.

Things are progressing with a recent venture. Another large step to take today with quite a few more on the horizon. There's been a delay on my end which has me growing concerned. There was some amount of time pressure before, but the clock is about to start with rigid milestones. If I don't see a progress update by the end of the week, I'll have to make a few concerned phone calls to see what the hold up is. There are about two months of panicking and running around before things will hopefully settle down. Otherwise, I might go insane.

In other news, we have a meeting here next week during which I have a presentation to give. Getting my stuff together has been quite the adventure. The slides had to be submitted for review on Monday; I had completed mine before I left last week. Or so I thought. Several different people provided several different, often contradictory modifications. Some were reasonable while others weren't. The latter include things like forging a report to make our system look better, including a full copy of a database we use rather than a slide-friendly screenshot, and not including a "SAMPLE" banner across a slide that was not a "SAMPLE". The dry run went about as well as could be expected. We have 30 minutes to present so the dry run was targeted at the same time limit; ours took nearly two hours because of all of the additions we were told to throw in and addressing why some of the proposed changes weren't made (to which I tactfully replied "time constraints" rather than "reality"). This will be fun.

Speaking of which, one of the attached buildings to the one I work in does not have A/C that is operational. In response, they've propped open the doors that connect their building to ours. The result of this action is a continuous flow of heat into our area which proves too much for our A/C to combat. It didn't take long for the mugginess to make the workplace very uncomfortable. Every time we'd close their doors, some jackass would open them again. They're doing it again today.

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