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Looks like Monday's got a case of the someones

Notes from earlier: Survived the trip home from that already annoying travel assignment last month. Had a visit from the little brother; mostly just bummed around and drank beer, including a 2011 Sam Adams Utopias. Missed fireworks shows due to weather and questionable gate practices at the site. Did nothing of consequence.

I've got something going on as well, but it is in the early stages currently with no well-defined result or endpoint. For now, that's all that will be said on the subject and I'd appreciate it if those in the know would keep it to themselves.

The lady friend and I went out to see the new Transformers movie. The action was good. The plot and acting, notsomuch. There were some stylistic (or editing catastrophies claimed to be for effect) moves that didn't work, such as when the sound and video cut out for a couple of seconds in the middle of an action scene. No context or explanation there. Overall, it wasn't awful, however keeping any portion of your brain on while watching it will result in your face becoming intimately familiar with your palm.

In other news, my Nexus One has been taken off life support. The reset frenzy had become more and more frequent, to the point where even browsing the web would cause it to overheat. A last ditch effort, a full factory restore, did nothing to fix the issue. An order for a replacement device was placed with reliance on the backorder delay providing sufficient time to mull other options. In the meantime, my freshly rooted Dell Streak took over. That reign didn't last long, though, with the order shipping last week (only days into the 1-3 month wait) and arriving on Friday. The age of the Galaxy S II has begun. A review is in the works, but I will say that the GSII is fine replacement for the fallen handset.

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