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A weekend recap that feel between the cracks

More hanging out and around over the weekend. The lady friend and I went downtown for lunch on Saturday. Sadly, the restaurant we targeted had an obscene wait time, so we went to Nick's instead. Last time I went there was that Rose alumni social where I couldn't eat any of the provided food. I might as well have not eaten since the food wasn't very good. From there, we walked around, down to the square and back, stopping at a couple of places along the way. One of the stops was a candy shop(pe?) that opened a couple of months back. Not a bad selection, but the prices are much higher than a similar chain that has a location in the local mall. One advantage they do have is frozen yogurt (normally priced by weight, currently fixed price due to promo) with a selection of free toppings, presumably added after weighing. The highlight is that you can add any of their dispensed candies, presumably before weighing, as topping. Interesting concept. I just got some assorted chocos, while the lady friend went with the yogurt; we didn't notice the signs for the yogurt promo until after hers was weighed and paid (for). Good stuff. We met up again at Upland where a friend of hers along with her (friend's) mother and another friend. It was at the tail end of the Butler-Florida game so it was full and loud for a while. That first friend is getting married soon, the dinner originally planned as a wedding discussion, but when that action item was stricken, I was invited to tag along and meet the oft-mentioned friend(s). Good times.

I had a meeting in town yesterday that made it pointless to go into work in the morning and ended late enough that I burned a couple hours of leave at the end to avoid two hours on the road for the sake of an hour or so of work (where everyone at the meeting took the leave option). The meeting location was near BW3s, so I did that for lunch (and got decent service for once) which the lady friend was sadly unable to join thanks to a quiz of some sort. We still met up prior to beer school and again after. Tonight looks to be another Scotty's night with the gang to hang out and continue progress on the passport thingy they do there.

The downtime yesterday allowed me some more time to play around with the 3DS that arrived on Monday...

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